Jane Welbourn is a gifted clairvoyant and consultant, offering clarity and guidance to individuals seeking support and direction in their business or personal lives.

“With my insight you will improve your own understanding of your current circumstances to gain the confidence you need to optimistically move forward with your life. My guiding voice enables me to see into the past, read the present and predict the future so you can make the decisions you need to make in order to embrace what the future holds".

Jane Welbourn


One to One Readings

Are a meeting with Jane whereupon she is able to focus on you to give an insight into all aspects of your life, both in the past and the present, also looking to the future.


Telephone Readings

Are pre booked with Jane at which she will give the same in depth reading as in a one to one plus a follow up call for further questions. As miles have no effect on telephone readings Jane can also take international calls.


Group Readings

Are available for up to 5 people in one meeting. Individuals are seen privately so each reading is still totally confidential but on these occasions Jane will come to you. Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements for a group reading.