"When I first visited Jane I had no expectations, yet I left on a real high feeling excited about my future"

I L, Wetherby

My Guiding Voice

Jane knew from the age of six she was being advised by an inner voice. This could be somewhat disturbing to most children of that age yet she instantly accepted it and from then to now, as Jane is in her mid-fifties, the same voice has given her the ability to help, advise and steer people through times of adversity. She believes her lifelong religious faith also plays a huge part in her gift.

People come to Jane from all walks of life. Anyone from international business people, actors, sports personalities and ordinary lovely people who have lost their direction or, have been dealt a major blow in life and need some assistance. She works with those who are dealing with marriage problems, breakups, financial issues, ill health or death of a loved one. Sometimes they come simply to hear what “the voice” has to say to them.

Her compassionate approach and kindness provides a secure and confidential environment where she will sit with the individual and by listening to her inner voice she is able to give direction and an inner peace to her clients. No two readings are ever the same yet all are searching for confirmation that there is a definitive way forward in their time of desperation, into a clearer future.

Jane’s “insight” is something that goes back several generations and she views it as a privilege to have. Being vehement about her work she believes her life’s journey was always to help and give direction, using her amazing psychic gift.

When clients visit her, their readings last around an hour. In that time Jane delivers an expansive account of all aspects of the individual’s life. She uses the voice guided by reading the hand, whereupon she is able to give life expectancy if they want it. She also looks at health including health issues and any hereditary aspects that are being passed down. After health she works with the characteristics of the sitter looking at strengths, weaknesses and potential and generally how “other people see them”. Next she begins to work extensively with past and present issues, any events which affect the family, friends, partnerships, career and their distant life.

Here she will also incorporate any distinctive spiritual messages that are to be brought in from the other side. One can never command a spirit – but often the spirit presents as a need to heard. Certain sitters come purely for that purpose; to reach and take away messages from those on the other side of life.

Jane strives to find the answers her clients are looking for, which she delivers so they can take from a reading clear direction and reassurance. Those who have had readings often say “she is a strong lady who says it how it is”. She is known for her fierce honesty which is why her clients come back time after time. In times of anxiety straight talking and candid advice is essential to progress out of concern, master challenges and proceed into calm.