"Jane reassured me my late father was at peace after his illness, and that he is around me when I need him"

C H, Castleford


Personal readings cover all aspects of an individual’s life. We often have questions for which we feel guidance from a higher authority is the best answer. Jane’s guiding voice (which she has had since she was 6 years old) enables her to provide answers to life issues which will help you with future plans for better outcomes.


As with personal readings business people also come to Jane to receive her direction for both individual career changes, and the management of the business itself. There are many aspects to the health of a career, a lot of which may not be immediately obvious. Likewise Jane’s own business experience, together with her guiding voice are a strong combination if you are needing answers.

One to One Readings

Are a full hour meeting with Jane where she can concentrate one hundred percent on you and your circumstances. Her inner voice enables her to work on all aspects of your life with a very direct synopsis of each element of personal and spiritual life and, past and present aspects affecting your future.

Telephone Readings

Are pre booked with Jane so she can prepare herself for the call. All she requires is your date of birth (you don’t even need to give your name if you wish to stay anonymous) whereupon she will give the same in depth reading as in a one to one plus a follow up call for further questions or to hear about the results.

International Telephone Readings

As before these are pre booked with Jane depending on your time zones. In the same way as with other readings you will receive an in depth digest of each aspect of your life by providing your date of birth. The miles make no difference to the quality of your consultation with Jane.